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1.       All requests for photographic materials are filled in the order they are received and as time permits. Search requests must be specific as to the intended use of the photograph, e.g., in a magazine article, book, exhibit, etc.


2.       The staff does all searching. It is the prerogative of this department to charge a SEARCH FEE for requests requiring extensive search time.


3.       Ordinarily, a minimum of one week search time and two weeks lab time is necessary to fill an order. While every effort is made to complete orders promptly, we reserve the right to charge a RUSH FEE.


4.       Permission may be granted upon request for a one-time, non-exclusive use of photographs for publication, exhibition, or other purpose if the proposed use is specified and approved by the Curator. The person ordering the photograph(s) may be charged a USE FEE. Any subsequent use of a photograph will require separate permission from this department. Restrictions have been placed on the use of some collections by the donors.


5.       PROPER CREDIT (Western History Collections, University of Oklahoma Library) must always be given. The person ordering the photograph and requesting permission for its use is responsible for the credit line. Any person or publication not meeting this requirement will be denied further use of these collections.


6.       The person or publisher who orders photographs from these collections is responsible for providing this department with VERIFICATION that proper use and credit of the photographs have been made a specified in the original request and for which permission to use was granted. This can be done by sending this department a copy of the publication. In the case of documentary films and other type of media, any suitable verification will meet this requirement (brochure, flyer, letter).


7.       The person ordering photographs will be charged a SERVICE FEE to cover the costs of copying, labeling, and handling of the photograph for a one-time non-exclusive use of the photograph for publication or other purpose.


8.       Photographs from these holdings may not be captioned or used to illustrate something else unless evidence is given to show that our identification is incorrect. If a specifically identified photograph is used to illustrate a similar subject, it must be stated in the caption as being a similar or typical view.


9.       All proposed commercial use of photographs must be stated in advance. We reserve the right to charge a special fee in any instance where a photograph is used for purposes other than that for which it was originally ordered, or for strictly commercial ventures, e.g., textbooks, commercially sponsored film, television, advertising, etc. The Curator reserves the right to refuse the photographs intended for commercial use. A special USE FEE will be charged for all commercial use approved by the Curator.


10.    All copying of photographs is done by the Western History Collections photographic laboratory. No outside equipment is allowed.


11.    All file photographs and all negatives are retained in the Photographic Archives and are never circulated outside this department.


12.    Photographs are not supplied to commercial archives or publishers for resale.


13.    Copies or prints of photographs ordered from the Western History Collections may not be deposited or placed on file in any other repository.


14.    Any person or organization not abiding by these regulations may be denied further access to or use of materials in these collections.


15.    The University of Oklahoma is not responsible for any illegal or improper use of these materials.


16.    The fees charged for photographic prints from these holdings do not in any way constitute sale of the photographs but are merely fees charged for obtaining a copy print in lieu of using the original file print or negative. The Western History Collections retains all rights to the photographic materials on file in the Western History Collections of the University of Oklahoma Library.


17.    The Western History Collections reserves the right to change these policies at any time without prior notice.






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